Daily Archive: Sunday, February 12, 2017

My view: The Islam religion is grossly misunderstood

[ad_1] In extremely cold weather like we are experiencing this winter, I always look forward to coming home from work, turning on the natural gas log and feeling the glow of the fireplace. Fire is magical. As one of earth’s basic elements, it creates warmth and comfort, and it symbolizes life and soul. Unfortunately, fire

Design Your Home Garden With Flowers

[ad_1] PREPARING THE STEM A majority of flowers and foliage can be conditioned in a common way but some need extra care. Give a deep drink of water for a minimum of two to three hours. However, an overnight dip should be preferred. Thereafter, to prolong flowering duration, plunge the flower up to the flower

Tips on Personal Finance

Are you struggling to make ends meet when it comes to your personal finances? Do you have trouble paying your bills each month? If yes is the answer to these questions then you should look at how you are managing you personal finances. Which of the following would best describe you? a) A good personal