Daily Archive: Thursday, March 2, 2017

Anonymous Diner Buys Lunch For Mt. Juliet Cop

[ad_1] MT. JULIET, Tenn. – A Mt. Juliet Police officer got quite the surprise when an anonymous diner bought her lunch. Mt. Juliet Police tweeted a photo of the note Thursday afternoon. Someone paid for Officer Porter’s meal when she stopped by El Comal, located on Lebanon Road.  “My husband is an officer and I

Hal Boyd: BYU nation salutes you, Mr. Harshbarger of Gonzaga

[ad_1] While pundits were still parsing Donald Trump’s speech to Congress, Joseph Harshbarger — a senior at Gonzaga University — penned a perceptive letter to the editor that will undoubtedly send shock waves of goodwill throughout Cougar country. In case you’ve been too busy reading about Kellyanne Conway’s Oval Office “couch yoga” or the recent

Interim director hired for Bastrop’s Destination Marketing Organ

[ad_1] The starter board for Bastrop’s Destination Marketing Organization has hired an interim director to help incorporate the organization as a state nonprofit, create bylaws, seat a full board and outline potential funding mechanisms. Dale Lockett, a destination marketing and tourism industry expert, was tapped to help roll out the organization’s initiation. His first day