Daily Archive: Friday, March 3, 2017

5 Ways ‘Passive’ Investing Is Actually Quite Active

[ad_1] Rise of the machines! Attack of the clones! This is a common outcry from the financial industry and investors alike in reaction to the rapid rise of “passive” index funds and exchange-traded funds, which now have about $5 trillion in assets in the United States. Investors have an understandable tendency to see passive investing

On the Prowl: Free Agency Previews

[ad_1] The folks over at Pro Football Focus provided a free agency preview for the Panthers. READ MORE Fox Sports took a look at five free agents the Panthers should target when the new league year begins March 9. READ MORE Jerricho Cotchery is back with the Panthers as assistant wide receivers coach, a move

What Are Pagans?

There are almost as many denominations to Paganism as there are to Christianity. Within Paganism, there are a large variety of beliefs, dieties, and concepts. However, we (much like Christianity) have certain core values and beliefs that are central to paganism. Some of our core beliefs include: Respect For NatureA Belief in Harming None (including