Daily Archive: Thursday, March 30, 2017

5 Common Types of Heart Disease

There are many types of heart disease, but this article will explore five types of heart disease that are common to happen. Hopefully, this article can add your knowledge concerning this leading cause of death disease. #1 congenital heart disease There is a fallacy of thinking that many people do when they believe that all

The Legislative response to Grossly Offensive or menacing emails and SMS

The electronic communications has changed the way the world communicates and also the communication habit. The communication via SMS or electronic email manifests the freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by our constitution to every citizen [Article 19 (1) (a)], however, the freedom is not absolute, it is a qualified right, as constitution also sets

Shareware – Do You Have A Clue Of What It Is?

Have you heard of shareware? Are you in need of a software but are not sure if this software is what you need? If a website or any individuals offered you a try before you buy software, then this is what a shareware is. Software that you may use in its demo version and for