Daily Archive: Thursday, April 13, 2017

What Does Amazon’s Decision Really Mean?

An interview with Jerry D. Simmons, regarding the far-reaching implications of Amazon’s recent announcement that any small press or print-on-demand publisher doing business with them would need to print books through their publishing arm: BookSurge. Jerry is a former Executive with the Time Warner Book Group who left there in 2003 to build one of

3 Facts You Ought to Know About Society Finches

Bengalese finches or society finches are popular for being lovable, charming and highly interesting birds. These birds were initially bred in Japan, and they have been domesticated for years. Their origins, however, remain unclear. Nonetheless, Sharptail and Asian Striated manikins are believed by breeders to be their ancestors. Society finches are easy to breed and

Senior home care – excellent options for senior citizens

During old age or when you are ill and you need support to do your daily routines and need someone to help you with daily medications ,then home care is an ideal option to satisfy the needs. Nowadays senior home care is a rapidly growing and is a new concept in health industry. People who