Daily Archive: Monday, April 24, 2017

South Carolina Politics, Apathy at Its Best

South Carolina politics has seen its share of media scrutiny recently. From Governor Mark Sanford having an affair with a South American reporter to Congressman Joe Wilson shouting “you lie” to President Barack Obama during a presidential address to Congress, South Carolina politics has been anything but immune to controversy. However, the latest controversy centering

Factors to Consider before Choosing the Perfect Clinic for IVF in India

The couples who faces the issue of infertility often forced to the dark world of hopelessness. With the help of the incredible medical technology IVF, it has been possible to provide a cure to this depressing issue of infertility. More and more couples are going for this effective procedure. If you are considering going for

Negotiation — Basic Techniques for Telecom Expense Management

Everyone has to negotiate at one stage or another. These negotiations could be in the form of promotions, sales calls, hiring, and more. For companies, negotiations are in the form of contracts, business deals and cost management. The rule of thumb for most negotiations remains the same although the situation, process, and result may be