Daily Archive: Monday, May 1, 2017

6 Fun Facts About the History of the Alabama Crimson Tide

The Alabama Crimson Tide has had tremendous success throughout its football history. Here are some facts that are less commonly known. At the University of Alabama, football is king. The school’s gridiron squad has won numerous national titles, has had renowned coaches and players, and was even featured in the motion picture “Forest Gump.” While

Dry Stone Wall Buildings with l10stone Walls

An essential understanding of stone is important to have the capacity to wall proficiently. Some stone is easy to work with, and other stone can be exceptionally challenging. Wall stone can be isolated into two essential classifications: level slept with and unpredictable. Level had relations with stones have parallel top and base surfaces, and will

Using Space In Photography

Space in your photos is very important and can be manipulated to make your shots much more professional looking. No I am not talking about the dark black area above us that we see at night. I am talking about the space of the photograph within the borders of the photo. You see there are