Daily Archive: Friday, May 26, 2017

The Economic Politics of India

Every country stands for its own development. For this purpose the state introduces and implements recent policies and programs like Special Economic Zones Act. After 60 years of its independence India with its 110 core population has evolved a recent paradigm of its political economy which is confusing. The policies ands programs initiated by Indian

Highlight your Business with Smart Technology through SEO

World is transforming into virtual life slowly and steadily with the help of suitable technology that is very famously known as “Internet”. Internet has given access to travel whole world and meeting various needs with its instantaneous facility to buy or sell stuffs which are required on day to day life. With this heightening competence

Interesting Facts About Alabama

Alabama is not only famous for its resident’s warm and friendly nature but also popular because of the many historical and natural significance it has brought to the US. There are many interesting things to know about Alabama. Alabama is a state well loved for the friendly and hospitable nature of its residents. Here are