Daily Archive: Thursday, June 1, 2017

Transferring Files Between Windows and UNIX

Unix FTP can be used to transfer files between PC’s and Unix-based file servers. File transfer protocol (FTP) is the network protocol that is used to transfer the files from the PC to the Unix file server over TCP. The Unix file server will need to have an FTP server installed, and the PC will

Introduction To The World Of Crochet

The word crochet comes from the French word for ‘hook’ and is a process of using a hook to create fabric from yarn or thread. Loops are pulled through other loops, while the thread is wrapped around the hook once or a few times to create different stitches. Only one of the many stitches is

The Belief in the Ancient Symbols

There are a lot of different ancient symbols which carry a lot of meaning. Some people believe in these symbols while others don’t. Symbols may mean a lot of different things; it depends upon the eyes of the beholder. A lot depends on the faith of the person as well.There are various types of ancient