Daily Archive: Wednesday, June 14, 2017

RED Express Services appreciated by its Customers

RED Express is expanding by leaps and bounds. We are now serviceable in 29 locations with 130+ scheduled departures daily. Our reach and customers are increasing every day and we are glad to delight them at every step. RED Express is happy to receive a lot of appreciations from our customers on our crew, services

Exercise improves cognitive skills in older population

Exercise May Help Prevent Dementia Many older patients are concerned about the onset of cognitive impairment and dementia. Many have wondered if there is a pill or medicine to prevent or reverse dementia. While we do now have medicines that can partially treat dementias, no medicines are without side effects. Some studies suggest that prevention

Edge To Edge Quilting: Enjoy A Different Design

There are many terms in quilting that many individuals may not be aware of unless they are actually an expert or have done their research in advance. One of these terms, for example, is edge-to edge quilting? It refers to the idea of one pattern literally going from edge to edge. There are repeated patterns