Are political advisors still necessary for business?

Political advisors have been the centre of controversy for many years, some feel they often brainwash the minds of those they advise, others feel they medal in issues and change outcomes of important situations. On the other hand, many feel that without the work of a political advisor, most businesses would be unable to handle the political aspect of business effectively. This debate has been on going for many years, and this blog aims to the question; are political advisors still necessary for businesses?

What role do political advisors carry out for businesses?

The main roles for a political advisor are:

Observe the political market and advise businesses depending on the information they find.
Look at laws and legislations that are being passed in order to determine whether they will have an impact on the business.
Maintain relationships between the company, governments and unions.
Provide advice to businesses on political issues.

What other skills does a political advisor need to possess?

As well as the everyday tasks listed above, political advisors can also be expected to carry out many other roles. Some businesses turn to their advisors for advice on many different situations, so the ability to communicate and problem solve is crucial. Being able to rely on your contacts within the industry is also another extremely important skill. If you need to provide your expert opinion on a situation which you do not feel entirely comfortable in, having contacts who may be able to help you can prove to be a saviour. Other skills that are crucial are:

Accepting responsibility
Calculating, analysing and taking risks, if appropriate
Communication skills
Ability to listen and act upon instruction
Decision making
Time management

Are political advisors related to political campaign consultants?

This is a question that is often asked, are the roles carried out by a political advisor similar to those carried out by political campaign consultants? The answer, in short, is yes. They are both roles, usually carried out by companies that have been hired by a business in order to solve problems or improve performance. Some companies prefer to hire political consultant firms in order to help aid with a specific campaign or problem. For example, if a business was running a campaign for social media on an issue that was directly related to politics, then that business may decide to hire a political campaign manager to provide advice and oversee that exact project. This type of political campaign management is usually short term and only applies to specific projects. Whereas the work of a political consultant is usually on going. Whilst the work is in the same field, the two carry out different roles and aid businesses in different ways.

Are political advisors really necessary?

This question is easily answered, as I am sure you will agree, political advisors carry out an extremely important role within almost every business. The roles that they undertake are crucial to enable businesses to operate according to political legislation. Without a political advisor, or even political consultant firms, the world of business would simply not be able to operate.

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