Balint Alovits from Budapest captures spiral staircases


  • Balint Alovits , from Budapest, created the mesmerising staircase images 
  • Artist calls them a ‘photographic exploration’ of spiral stairways
  • Social media users have been left baffled by the ‘warp hole’ images 

Unity Blott For Mailonline

A Hungarian photographer has created these dizzying images of spiral staircases.

Balint Alovits, from Budapest, set about capturing the ‘unnoticed architectural masterpieces’ around his hometown by standing at the same central point – either directly at the top or directly at the bottom – of each stairwell. 

The artist, who is fascinated by interiors, says the captivating images represent ‘an infinite vortex that feels out of this world’. So can you tell which way is up?

Balint Alovits’ latest collection of…


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