Biographies books and memoirs are treasure of knowledge and experiences … Read popular biography books to feel the difference….

“Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life” says J Alder. Reading books is a not only a hobby but a necessity, and this necessity can give birth to a new human being. When we are born, we are just born with the basic knowledge of living. Our surroundings, our parents, relatives and friends teach us some more things on living and also design a culture within us. But, books can give you knowledge on everything which includes this universe, history, mystery, religion and so on. Thus books are given great importance and a special place in society.

Books which tell us the true history of humans is termed biography. The dictionary meaning of biography is “the written account of another person’s life” which explains the experiences, special moments, likes, dislikes and the personality of this human being. Biography books have been more effective and popular than history books and the only reason is the curiosity and depth we see in biography books is not seen in history. Biography is always written on great people, and when we say great people this speaks about their achievements and their contribution to human kind.

There is a small difference between biographies and memoirs. Biography is always the complete work of a person and this usually speaks on the entire life of the person. Memoir is just a section or a special incident about the same person. In simple words we can say that biography is the entire film and memoir is the advertisement of this film. There are thousands of biography books and memoirs which are categorized into best selling and award winning books.

The most popular biography books are, The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life by Steve Martin and so on. There are thousands of books which are written on different people throughout the world. These books are very inspiring and interesting. Reading a biography or a memoir is a great feeling and these books motivate us, teach us the true meaning of life.

Selecting books and buying them is now very easy on online bookstore India, where we have a big list of biography and memoirs from where we can select the best author and your real hero. Biographies books are treasure of knowledge and experiences which can help all of us design our path in life. Make sure you read the right book and get inspired towards the right path in life.

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