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A city situated on the south eastern coast of South Africa, East London is under the Buffalo City Local Municipality in the Amatole District in the Eastern Cape Province. Lying between the Buffalo and Nahoon Rivers, East London would be the only 1 that has a river port throughout the entire South African region. East London just acquired its city status within the year 1914. In the former years, during the time of war between the British colonizers as well as the local inhabitants, East London played a part by having the responsibility as the supply port service to the close by military headquarters at King William’s Town. This led to having permanent residents as the port became far more developed. German immigrants have began to take control of the area which is why once you explore East London, you would probably observe some spots as having German names for instance Berlin.

Being a fairly modest city, East London was able to maintain an awesome economic status through the years. Moreover, it really is considered to have the second greatest industrial centre within the province. Amidst its success in business, East London is also able to attract a good deal of tourists all year long with its beaches along with other sites which are a must visit. Here are some of it which you can gets involved in if you explore East London.

Fun-filled activities around East London:


Well-known to quite a few locals and people alike as the Nirvana for any water sport, East London is renowned for its blue Indian Ocean waters and diving spots. You could choose to appreciate the underwater beauty with the four major reefs and spots. First will be the Glen Eden point which will allow you to have a shallow dive but actually, the area is filled with unique fish species. In the event you lucky enough, you might spot Nemo there. Second will be the Gonubie Point which would undoubtedly allow you a unwinding snorkelling experience if the waters are calm and cool. More experienced swimmers and divers are encouraged to swim out to the outer edge of the reef. Third would be the Orient side or east part of the pier at East London. This would be the spot where you’ll be able to locate fish species like Knife Jaw and Silver Steenbras. Lastly, there’s the well-known Mermaid Pool. But, you will not see mermaids there naturally. With a depth of 1m, five metres at a maximum, you’ll be able to take your children who would certainly really like to learn and discover the beauty of aquatic life forms. There is also a nearby reef which is called Boulders Reef but you might need to leave your children behind as the depth can reach up to 6 metres. You could see little ragged tooth sharks by the area together with fishes.


If you are more inclined to do activities on land, it is possible to also make an effort to go hiking in East London. The renowned Strandloper Hiking Trail is situated within the East London coastline starting from the Kei River Mouth to Gonubie. The stated trail will present you with a spectacular view with well over 60 km’s of golden beaches, rivers, coastal forests, plus some cliff tops. You don’t need to concern yourself with your resting requirements because you are going to get incredibly friendly places to stay from overnight shelters & hotels on the way to the end of the trail. On the other hand, should you be not confident enough that you can endure the hiking, you could try the Sundown Trail. You’ll take the very same trail but your luggage will be carried for you.

Paintball Combat with Bush Warriors:

Should you delight in the sport, you may also do it at the heart of East London. Located just 5 minutes away from the airport, it is possible to uncover an area that’s estimated to have the size of 322, 500 square metres. The natural grass and trees from the field makes the paintball adventure really realistic. Whether or not you want to relieve your tension, do a mini team building activity, or leave your youngsters in a location where they can have fun at the very same time, Bush Warriors would be the place to be.

Mgwali Village:

A closer spot to the hearts of the Xhosa inhabitants will be the old village of Mgwali. There you are able to experience their really rich culture, delicious food, and amusing entertainment. A tour guide will help you discover the complete village with its customary huts, a museum, and a mini market where you are able to obtain souvenirs afterwards.

Imbizo Cafe:

The cafe is not just a typical one simply because it boasts its South African cuisines and entertainment. With live bands from nearby artists, it is possible to dance and jam to their tunes. Also, you’ll be able to take pleasure in the renowned South African activity of joining its tribe members’ drum circle. Right at Imbizo Cafe, you can have not just an authentic South African dining encounter but most of all the numerous other activities that the area is recognized for.

There is clearly something huge in this particular modest South African City. With its key playing part in the region’s history, amazing sceneries, and rich culture, there’s no room for dullness or boredom in the East London. Come and check out East London!

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