Politics In Canada – Quick Overview

Canadian politics does not have the political clashes situations as the ongoing political situation and clashes in most of the other countries of the world. But it does not mean that Canada do not face any political problems. The Canadian politics do not have violent situations instead it’s frosty. Before moving on to a few political issues surrounding Canadians, you had better have a little know-how of the Canadian politics.

Canadian politics and British politics are pretty much same. It is quite right to say that Canadian system’s foundation is from British system. The state of Canada is federal democratic and Queen of England is the chief of the country, though she performs very controlled tasks. Then there are two houses, an upper house and a lower house. Upper House is called the Senate while lower one is known as the House of Commons. the House of Commons is made up from the selected members from different Canadian political parties, they are responsible for legislation. So, this is the house which basically plays the role in Canadian politics.

Now being a developed country, Canada does not face issues like poverty, unemployment, law and order situation etc but in fact the issues are relatively different. One of the most typical issue faced by Canada is the problem of poor healthcare facilities. Though, every citizen of Canada has access to basic health services but still more upgraded healthcare facilities are required. The biggest issue the Canadians have these days, is the increasing privatization related to healthcare services.

Apart from this issue, is the burning affair of Canadian troops’ presence in the one of most unsafe and hostile countries of world; Afghanistan. Most of the Canadians are against the idea of war and having their army in such regions. As many of the Canadian army men are at stake therefore many citizen wish to bring them home. So, this political issue is one of those hot issues, which is discussed by many of the Canadians.

Then there is another debate as well of the harmonized sales tax, which the Canadians are not in favor of. Coordinated tax is typically the combination of federal and provincial tax. Canadian government wish to introduce this tax as soon as possible however the people of Canada are still not ready to accept it, as a result a hot arguments have erupted.

These are some of the basic political issues revolving the Canadian citizens’ lives. If you wish to enhance your knowledge about ongoing Canadian political situation you must search on internet, you will find many blogs related to such issues.

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