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Yonex SHB 73 EX badminton shoes:
These Yonex badminton shoes are a new addition on Sports365. These shoes are lightweight and are suited for both men and women. An advantage of these shoes is that they are extremely light, which makes them one of the best choices for badminton players. They help you movie easily and without any restrictions as they are a low-cut model.
The shoes incorporate technologies like Power Cushion and MSLite in the midsole. The Power Cushion provides more support inside the shoe to control lateral movement. MSLite maintains the original shape of the shoe for longer for extended cushioning performance.
The Yonex SHB 73 EX Badminton Shoes are a light, unisex, low-cut model which provides the player with a snug fit. The shoe incorporates cutting edge technologies such as the Power Cushion and msLite in its midsole to provide optimum performance. They are designed for use on wooden as well as on synthetic courts.
Yonex World Champ 86 Pro badminton shoes:
These badminton shoes are one of our new products. They are designed for an advanced level of play, complete with toughbrid midsole and the best support for the foot which facilitates agility and swift movements.
The ToughBrid material provides greater elasticity and also gives ample support to the heel, which is absolutely necessary for badminton players. The hexa-grip sole gives better grip for improved footwork, which helps the player deliver better shots. The round sole on the shoe gives all round support for the foot and is integrated into the forefoot and heel. Consequently this propels maximum energy for successive movements.
The Yonex Champ 86 Pro Badminton Shoes is packed with features that complement an advanced level of play. These shoes complete with tough brid midsole and the best support for the foot.
The round sole on these shoes is designed to give all round support for the foot and it is integrated into the forefoot and heel in order to minimize power loss. This helps propel maximum energy into successive movements. The hexagrip sole ensures agility and stable footwork for better delivery of shots. Yonex has created a midsole material -ToughBrid which provides greater elasticity and supporting the arch of the foot at the same time.
Yonex Arc saber delta badminton racket
Released in 2012, this is an even balance racket with a medium stiff shaft offering fast swing speed and all-around type of play with good control. It has an isometric head shape and incorporates the Aero-Box Vary technology which reduces wind drag compared with a standard air-flow pattern, maximizing the power of the swing and the transfer of energy to the shuttle. There is better transfer of energy from the string bed to the shuttle which ensures more powerful shots. This racket is available on our online store, shop with us a get a 30% discount on it.

The Yonex ArcSaber Delta uses the Aero-Box Vari Frame reduces wind drag compared with a standard air-flow pattern, maximizing the power of the swing and the transfer of energy to the ball. By introducing Nanoair Spring into the resin which binds the carbon fibres, nanoscale air bubbles in the material help the racket to flex and bend as in a spring. The result is a better transfer of energy from string-bed to shuttle for a more powerful shot.
About the Brand:
Yonex is a one of the most reputed badminton brands worldwide. Yonex badminton products like yonex rackets, yonex shuttlecock, yonex kit bags and yonex accessories are synonymous with the highest quality bamdinton sports goods. Over the years, Yonex has pioneered several technological break-throughs in the field of badminton and continues to do so. is an authorized seller of Yonex products in India and offers the widest assortment of genuine yonex badminton products online at great discounts.

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