Volunteering In Brazil- Samba, Jungles And Social Challenges

Brazil is the biggest and most populated country in Latin America. It also one of the most diverse countries in the world and is a wonderful, warm, mysterious, mystical, vibrant, and exuberant place to visit, experience, and imbibe. It is said that passion and energy run through the veins of Brazil, much like music, revelry, and an unmatched enthusiasm for life and its many adventures and opportunities. However, there is also truth in the fact that there is much poverty, lack of civic and medical facilities for the many Brazilians who live below the poverty line. Therein lies the opportunity for volunteering in Brazil by all of you who care for fellow humans and want to make your contribution to make our world a better place.

Why Volunteer In Brazil

A cauldron of many cultures and traditions, Brazil offers a unique cross-cultural experience. Volunteering in Brazil would mean being exposed to different ways of speech, thought, interaction, and rituals. However, in order to gain the maximum from your volunteer travel to Brazil, you must follow some principles. These principles will help you make the best of volunteering in Brazil opportunity as well as offer you a positive and enriching experience in this land of the Amazon River. Furthermore, these guiding principles will also prevent you from avoiding misunderstanding, which typically, tend to occur in cross-cultural environments.

As a volunteer in Brazil, you must always retain the following three traits – flexibility, open-mindedness, and humility. Of course, these may very well be the same key traits that prompted you to take up volunteering in Brazil in the first place, so it can’t be daunting for you!

Types Of Projects Available

As a part of volunteering in Brazil, you have the opportunity to choose the kind of project you are interested to volunteer in. The different types of volunteer projects available in Brazil include:

* Working with Street Kids in Brazil: This Brazil volunteer project includes working with street children and help them with their education as well as to become self-reliant.

* Volunteer Work with Youth and Teenagers: Due to rising poverty, youth and teenagers often drift from the correct path. Working as a volunteer in Brazil you can do your bit to help bring the youth back to the right path. This is your opportunity as a volunteer in Brazil to work with the youth that are most-at risk, while soaking in the rich cultural vibes of some amazing cities such as Rio.

* Orphanage Help: Volunteering in Brazil gives you the opportunity to work with orphan children. You will be able to teach these urchins various things from academics to other self-sustaining skills such as weaving, knitting, painting, and sports.

* Conservation Work: With a vast expanse of historical sites that are of global importance, one of the most fascinating opportunities available as volunteer in Brazil is that of working to converse archeological ruins.

* English Teacher: English is the primary spoken language in the West. If you enjoy teaching and have, a temperament of a teacher, then volunteering in Brazil as an English language teacher can open up new avenues for you. Not only will you get to interact with the locals but also experience their hospitality and gratitude first hand.

* Health Work: Basic health and civic amenities are the rights of every individual, irrespective of which country he/she may belong too. Your volunteer work in Brazil as a health volunteer would include teaching the locals the basics of sanitation, educating them on safer and healthier ways to live and co-exist with their natural habitat.

Volunteer in Brazil Requirements
There are different types of requirements for volunteering in Brazil. While some of the requirements may vary from project to project, the standard requirements remain the same. You must be 18 or over 18 years of age, and have basic skill sets and experience in case you have applied for a health care project, or conservation, or teaching project.

Volunteering in Brazil programs is open to participants from all over the world and to individuals, families, and couples.

Fee and Other details
There are fees attached for every volunteering project you opt for. The fee is charged in advance and is applied for the following:

1. Accommodation
2. Food/meals
3. Travel insurance
4. Transportation within the region
5. Emergency support

All types of training materials including books, CD’s and computers will be provided by the project co-coordinators.


Volunteering in Brazil is an experience of a lifetime. It will leave you with memories to cherish and savor at every juncture of your life.

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