What is a Link Wheel

Link wheel is one of the basic strategies to promote your website by linking it to the websites similar to the niche of your own page. It is like, using the web properties 2.0, you build your own small sites like squidoo, blogger, hubpages and etc, of around ten or twelve with a unique though relevant content to your main blog and then link it to your main website.
These small websites are interconnected and actually direct the users to your main websites, which helps you in ultimately increasing your website visitors. This way, all the microsites and the main websites are linked and therefore it is known as link wheel.

Earlier when the page views of a website used to shoot up suddenly, it was suspected as false result, as the numbers appeared fake and artificial and actually did not have any link pattern that would make logic as they all directed simply to the target site. Link wheel pattern has been created with all such improvements.

To enhance up the rankings of your website, backlinks build with link wheels are one of the best ideas.The best platforms to create your microsites are suidoo, hubpages, blogger etc. which are already very popular and are authorized by Google and other popular search engines.And any site built with their domain extension is counted as an authority site.

These links do more than just linking and raising the ranking of your site. With time they also multiply your links count by linking it to other sites which resemble with the content of your website or by any manner are referring to your link.

The link wheel pattern can be created with any media file like videos, articles, blogs, images and a lot more, contents are generally written with the targeted keywords and then released on the parent sites. The links would be disguised within the content, which would drive the visitor from one site to another and finally to the targeted link.

The basic steps to create a link wheel are:
1. Create an account on Squidoo. Write an article on your topic atSquidoo lens, a small yet original content Mention the target link in yourSquidoo lens and connect it to your website.
2. Write another article, a different one about your topic and submit it to any of the online article submitting sites available. Include a link back to your Squidoo lens in your article.
3. Similarly build a Hubpage about your topic and also link it toyour previous articles.
4. Make a Google Knol about your topic and interconnect your Hubpage.
5. Create a Blogger page and link it back to your Google Knol.
Now you have created a link wheel through different platforms, which will be available on different websites. When a visitor will visit any of these sites, he will be taken to any of the other sites and by this means, would land up to your main link.

Link Wheel- What is a Link Wheel are a tool, popularly used in System Engine Optimization (SEO). They are used for promotion of a newly build website. Many companies out there invest in link building and so they should, it works, however some investment goes into developing external hubs that focus on providing genuine content and assisting the main site in becoming an authority in it’s given niche.

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