Which Factors to Consider in Flotilla Sailing in Croatia?

Croatia is a great sailing holiday destination in the European worldregion, and international tourists choose it for many reasons. Warm climate, a large number of islands along the coastline, the beautiful setting of Adriatic Sea, rich ancient history and fantastic wines are among the reasons for which visitors from all across the world consider sailing in Croatia on in a flotilla every year. From giving them a chance to raft a private yacht in Croatia, the sailing trip allows them to explore the country with plenty of enjoyable activities including sightseeing, gastronomic treat and wine-tasting etc.

What is So Special about Flotilla Sailing in Croatia?

Croatia sailing holidays are famous for the pleasure of sailing along stunning waterlines with mild blowing winds and a mixed experience of visiting fishing harbours , modern marinas, seaside restaurants and anchorages at secluded places to keep tourists travellers away from the crowds and give them some private moments.

The flotilla sailing in Croatia includes some of the top European boating destinations such as Split, Hvar, Korcula, Scedro, Lastovo and Foody baymany ‘foody bays’ that can be visited full of fun only when accessed through from the sea route. It is based on a combination of sea sailing and island trips with stopovers ranging from empty bays and historical towns to fishing seaports.

Croatian sailing trips suit beginners as well as those with prior sailing experience. There is Lead crew to accompany flotilla travellers and serve them as skippers so that beginners won’t face any difficulty in navigating the yacht and reaching at the desired destination. There are also skippered flotillas which are favored by sailors without any previous experience in sailing.

Winds of Croatia don’t turn out to be gusty unless it is summerout of the season. The central sea area with many islands for night halt is a little easier to sail than navigate to southern part near Dubrovnik.

The Croatian weather condition will attract all those who need a slightly cooler place than Turkey and Greece. Hence, the sailing tour season in Croatia is relatively shorter – starting from May and ending in September.

All the flotillas operating in Croatia are licensed and insured to keep up with changing maritime regulations. They have qualified skippers on board to guide travellers with navigation – who are again checked to fulfill the criteria of law! Therefore, flotilla sailing visitors in Croatia are less likely to feel insecure.

The charges of mooring at harbours , marinas and other destinations can be easily avoided with a choice of an all inclusive package for flotilla sailing in Croatia. These packages are designed inclusive of mooring charges so that visitors won’t have to bear the bruntcosts.

Charges for yacht mooring in Croatia are mainly based on its size. So the mooring expenses will be higher especially when the visitors choose a large size yacht. However, there is no cheaper option available for flotilla mooring as it might cost around £40-£50 for a night long anchorage on buoys or in harbours which is always more than the price of taking a flight to Croatia.. These however are either included in the price or shared by the crew equally, and when you think that there is usually 8 people on a single yacht, the costs is becoming quite low actually.

Again, Flotilla sailors in Croatia will get privileges like shower blocks, toilet, and lunch/dinner at seaside restaurants. Hence flotillas sailing in Croatia are suitable for those who want to travel with full comfort.

Be it spectacular scenery, the historical buildings or the smooth sailing condition, flotilla sailing in Croatia has it all to attract and engage visitors. You should never get late in joining for this but should not forget either considering a few crucial factors that are likely to leave you with nothing but a pleasant experience at the end. They are as follows:

1. Itinerary and facilities
2. Attractions
3. Mooring
4. Dining
5. Size
6. Type of people joining
7. Price

It also matters that you choose a Yatch Yacht of your choice or a Jet or a cruise too. At the same time it is important to hire a Local Skipper with local knowledge to guide you sailing ride the YatchYacht.

With a focus on all the above factors, you can compare many Croatia flotilla sailing operators online and pick up the one which you think can take you on an interesting and relaxing sailing trip.

This post is written by Naleia Yachting, a licensed division of Naleia Discovery Travel which specialises in organising Croatia flotilla sailing trips with open-hearted people joining the cruise. To ask for a quote on Croatia sailing trip, call Naleia Yachting on +43 681 814 033 13 or visit the website: www.naleiayachting.com.

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